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Digital Retinal Imaging

Digital retinal imaging


Regular retinal imaging at each eye examination allows for a comprehensive assessment of your eyes and vision.

Through retinal imaging we can characterise and examine your condition more completely and easily, allowing for thorough and early intervention.

At Alfred Jay Opticians, we have recently upgraded our in-practice imaging technology, to include a digital retinal camera or ‘fundus’ camera.

fundus noun (ANATOMY)
noun: fundus; plural noun: fundi
1. The part of a hollow organ (e.g. gall bladder) that is furthest from the opening.

2. The part of the eyeball opposite the pupil.

Origin: Latin – mid 18th century: from Latin, literally ‘bottom’.

The fundus camera allows for detailed, high resolution  pictures of the back of the eye and is used in the assessment and management of:

  • Glaucoma
  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Diabetic retinopathy/maculopathy

Digital retinal imaging is a specialised service which is not part of your normal NHS eye examination.

You may wish to add digital retinal imaging to your routine eye test as part of your comprehensive eyecare.

Please speak to one of our opticians for more information.

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