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An independent opticians in Edmonton Green, Alfred Jay Opticians provide a range of specialist, NHS and private clinical eye care services.

Book your NHS eye tests and comprehensive, private eye examinations and choose from our selection of designer frames and prescription sunglasses for adults and children.

Alfred Jay Opticians also provide specialised visual assessments for dyslexia, learning difficulties and visual stress.

Through our sister practice, Eyesey Eyecare in Pinner, North West London, our intuitive colorimetry service improves visual comfort through precision tinted lenses and coloured overlays.

We use industry leading digital retinal imaging to detect diseases of the retina – including glaucoma – allowing early intervention and preventing the loss of sight.

We take pride in being professional, personable and patient. We are Alfred Jay Opticians, your independent, local opticians.

Alfred Jay Opticians - Edmonton Green, Pinner

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Eye Tests & Examinations

FACT: Regular eye tests are important!

The sooner that issues with your vision are detected, the greater the chance of successful treatment. This is particularly true with young children and the elderly.

You should have an eye test every two years by a qualified optometrist. Depending on your age and medical history, you may need to have an eye test more frequently.

The results of an eye test can also reveal a number of serious underlying health problems, such as:

Alfred Jay Opticians - Edmonton Green, Pinner

Eye-related conditions such as red eye, diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma can also be diagnosed and routine visits allow for effective and efficient treatment and monitoring.

At Alfred Jay Opticians

Alfred Jay Opticians have the latest imaging technology to provide comprehensive and complete sight tests and eye examinations. We offer NHS eye tests, private eye examinations.

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Glasses & Eyewear

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Prescription Contact Lenses

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Eyecare for Children

At birth, babies have very limited eyesight – they can only really see things that are quite close to them, shapes of objects but no real detail, everything else is a blur.

Over the first 6-12 months of life, connections between the eyes and the brain develop, including the ability to see in 3D, and this so called ‘hard wiring’ that gives the eyes the potential to see well is pretty much cemented by the age of eight years old.

Development of this hard wiring happens through regular, accurate, visual stimulation. If there is anything that prevents the eyes from seeing, like a squint, or an uncorrected high prescription, then these connections between the eyes and the brain will not develop and the child will have limited vision throughout their life.

It is therefore extremely important to ensure that your child has regular eye examinations from an early age.

If a problem is detected, the younger your child is when it is picked up, then (in most cases) the greater the chance of treating that problem and correcting it.

At Alfred Jay Opticians we strongly encourage all parents to ensure that their children have their eye sight tested regularly, especially if there is a family history of glasses wear or other eye-related condition.

We offer NHS eye tests for children as well as private specialised comprehensive eye examinations.

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Dyslexia & Visual Stress

Alfred Jay Opticians offer dyslexia vision and visual stress assessments for adults and children with dyslexia, specific learning difficulties and visual stress. 

These are specialised eye tests that allow the provision of precision tinted lenses and coloured overlays to support eyesight and vision.

Visual stress is a term used to describe visual discomfort and distortions in printed text, and affects thousands of people, often unknowingly, who struggle to read.

Visual stress often runs concurrently with dyslexia, as in people with dyslexia having a higher likelihood of having visual stress.

People who are suffering from at least one of the following may benefit from specific dyslexia vision tests:

(*Please note that a child may not necessarily recognise what they see as ‘a problem’, as this is how they always see text.)

Alfred Jay Opticians - Edmonton Green, Pinner

Coloured lenses or coloured overlays have been proven to improve reading ability.

At Alfred Jay Opticians, our state-of-the-art colorimeter, examines hundreds of different colours, varying the brightness, saturation and hue, to accurately obtain the most precise tint of lens to improve the comfort and accuracy of reading for our patients.

The benefits may include:

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